It's A Mad Christmas after all.

For those of you who do not know, a Mad Christmas refers to a Madrigal Christmas. Yes, I'm talking about the Madrigals that sing. Well the modern day version. I am a Madrigal at Taylorsville High. I love being a Madrigal there. My Teacher Mrs. Tarrant is absolutely amazing. She has taught me so much, I couldn't live with out her, well now that I know what I know. I don't know how I lived with out knowing what I knew earlier. So for Christmas, we have performances. Like a lot of performances. So far that I have counted is 37 performances (did I count that right?) between the dates of Dec. 1st and Dec. 18th. I'm pretty excited and overwhelmed all at once. We are singing 14 different songs. Here they are and my comments about them.

Carol of the Bells- classic, love it...

Keep Me Away From the Mistletoe- hilarious!! so funny!

All Alone Beneath the Mistletoe- pretty contradicting to the song above, but this one is pretty funny too, I really like this one.

An A Capella version of Away in a Manger- gorgeous!

Ready, Set, Christmas- SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Fruit Cake- ..........yummmmm!!! funny with the actions.

Jingle Bells- I really like this version because it is the Classic one. Different rhythm than you would usually hear.

Guard Him Joseph- you don't hear to many songs about Joseph. I really like this one beacause it focuses on him in the manger situation. absoutly breath taking.

Up, Up, Up in the Sleigh- so much fun, reminds me of when I was a little kid again.

Thirty Second Fa La La- oh boy, let's go faster!!!

Ding, Dong Merily on High- a fun traditional classic. classics are great.

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas- hee, hee, hee, hee, this one makes me giggle. cause its not the version you would expect. I love it. it is so much fun.

Up on the House Top- again with the traditional classics. but this one is fun cause the kids get to do it with us. they get to do the actions with us, thats gonna be so much fun.

~and another one that we don't have yet. its comming. tuesday. I'll give you an update.

So in December, you probably won't hear from me. But as for Thanksgiving, I'm working. From 3-8. It will be cool. As long as I don't forget anything. I'm pretty excited. That means good money for tour and school. Yay!! :D

Oh, and its almost 2009!!! Wahoo Graduation, here I come!!!!

Oh and another edit. It's actually 15 songs. I just forgot one. :D

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer- the actions are what makes this one really fun!!I


oh and we got a Dalmatian and I'm taking a photography class and I love it!!!!! okay I'm done I'll have to post some of my pictures. :)
Hahahah now you know why people tell me to shut-up! :P`~

I'm not dead yet!!

Quote the movie that this post's title is from.

So, maybe I'm not so good about keeping you guys updated. But as long as I post something once in a while and make comments on your blogs, maybe you will remember that I'm here. :D I just get so busy and have time for nothing in my life but school and singing. I have so much to post and update y'all on. For Starters like my new job, or how I have my very first voice lesson ever tommorrow, how the musical went this time, just everything in my life.

The Beginning of the Updates: I got a job July 14th. I work at Marie Calender's. The place is fabulous. I love working there and the pies are great. Just the other day I had my very first bite of Lemon Merenge pie.!!! the most amazing piece of pie in the whole world! I don't so much like the merenge part, but the stuff underneath is just...., well, wow..... leaves me breathless.

Musical was amazing. It was really the best show I have ever had the oppurtunity to ever be apart of in my life. It was Beauty and the Beast. I was Mrs. Potts. The most fun I have ever had in playing a role ever before. It was a monumental change in my life. I realized more of who I was and accepted more of who I am. I embraced it and through that, I found out more of Who I really am. I really do act like a mom. I do try to be controlling. I am who I am. And I don't need to change for any body. I have my good qualities and they are what make up who I am. My bad qualities are due to change. I will decide what will change and the only person it will ever change for, is me. Nobody gets to decide who I am. Nobody gets to tell me who to be. Nobody gets to make me feel bad about who I am. Nobody gets to tell me. Because they are inchange of themselves. And I like who I am.

So, for those of you who do not know how much I love singing, well just to get a taste of it, I love it. My heart is like a box, leak proof. It grows as I learn to love others and love more people as life goes on. Music is like the liquid that all the people float/swim in when living in this box/heart of mine. But no matter how many people there are in my heart, no matter little room there is, there is always room for singing and music, cause it always will fill in the cracks. Without it, my heart is not full. It makes me whole. So for my whole life, my love for music has grown. I start, with music, when I was 5. I started taking piano lessons. That was great fun, untill I was introduced to singing. Ever since then, my heart has taken flight and has never landed. It has always felt like that amazing sensation of flying, that weightless feeling, but more. Its a joy beyond description. It's better than the strongest high any one can experience, stronger than a natural high. So, to now describe my feelings about voice lessons. I have never had them before now. so to describe how i feel, is simply impossible. no words, no metaphor, no similie, nothing could even give you a glimmer of how i feel.

Now, looking forward. I'm scared for Thanksgiving. Thats Marie Calender's busiest day of the year. Don't feel prepared. THS Madrigal calender is filling up, gonna be busy. This year better be the best year for chrstmas ever. With snow, singing, performing, friends, family, just everyting. It better be great. Departmental Scholarship auditions for BYU are coming up. Hopefully I'll be prepared for them. Hopefully I can get a higher score on the ACT so I can get accepted to the Y. yeah. Hey if you read this, make a comment so that I know I'm not updating it for nothing. If more than 3 people don't do it, then I won't update again. cause it would then be a waste of time.

And I promise, I'm not dead yet.
Hahahah now you know why people tell me to shut-up! :P`~